Liquid Handling devices

The calibration of a pipette is very important and actually knowing its exact uncertainty is even more important. Liquid handling devices such as dispensers, burettes, syringes, repeat dispensers and pipettes are part of the maintenance and calibration service that Dispersion Laboratory Inc provides. Our installation is more than complete. Since this service is so important for you, our laboratory is open 7 days a week. This ensures that your equipment is back in your working environment as fast as possible.

We understand the peculiarities and regulations inherent to different laboratories. Whether it is a stringently regulated commercial laboratory or an academic research laboratory, we provide clients with services tailored to their needs. Our regular services can be performed in our laboratories or on site. Our weekend service is also an excellent solution for your urgent needs in metrology. A mixture of both services still offer greater flexibility ..

We offer service for most brands such as Biohit/Sartorius, Rainin/Mettler, Eppendorf, Gilson, BrandTech, Hamilton, Thermo, Matrix, Nichyrio/Oxford and many more. Our inventory of parts allows us to return your instrument as soon as possible.

Laboratory Dispersion: To be certain of uncertainty