Our laboratory

Located in Montreal, Dispersion Laboratory's facilities meet and exceed all standards necessary for the proper conduct of tests and measures with regards to calibration. With our stable environmental conditions (temperature fluctuations of less than 0.50 degrees Celsius per hour, constant humidity at 50%), we can reduce, and even eliminate, uncertainties related to the environment.

In a controlled environment of over 2000 square feet, the Dispersion Laboratory team works to provide the most rigorous testing possible in measuring analysis. Our team possesses more than 10 years' experience as well as the training necessary to provide you with the greatest performance and the highest levels of reliability.

Our cutting-edge equipment is updated periodically with the goal of always obtaining the best metrological performance. Dispersion Laboratory is the only laboratory in Canada to have automated its mass calibration (direct or matrix-matched) under robotic control.

Let us impress you with quality.

Laboratory Dispersion: To be certain of uncertainty